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How To Recognize The Pure Cashmere Pashmina Shawls Quality

The  Pashmina Shawls are quite luxurious and expensive items that one can treasure
in their closet. This regal attire is made of the fiber of a special breed of goats that inhibit in
Himalayan plateau of Kashmir. It is a dream for almost everyone to have this special shawl or stole
in their wardrobe. To achieve this, you may go to any shop to buy the Pashmina Shawl and after
purchasing, disappointments may on the store for you if you find out that it is a fake one.

It is a very common case that people often get tricked while purchasing Cashmere shawls.
Many shops advertise with 100% original Pashmina but rarely they have one. Most of them
have a blended version of the shawls for which they charge a lump sum amount for it.

Before investing in Cashmere Pashmina Shawls, you have to make sure the thing is
genuine and original. You have to make your purchase decision quite cautiously otherwise
you may be cheated.

Here you can find some excellent ways by which you can differentiate between
the original and fake ones to become the real gainer.

· Take the first glance: The real Pashmina will not be shiny and it has a matte appearance.
It may have little sheen but not much like glazy. If you find it more than usual then don’t go with it.


· Diameter Check: It may seem unrealistic but the diameter has a really important part to
find out the authenticity of the Pashmina Shawl. It has been essential to mention the diameter
of the original Cashmere. The best available grade is 12–14.5 microns. To get the best quality,
you should not purchase any item of Pashmina that has more than 19-micron diameter.
The softness and quality highly depend on this feature.

· Examine the Wave: As the pure cashmere is completely handwoven for that the wave should
be irregular. Only machine woven fake shawl will have a symmetrical pattern. You can say that the
irregularities are the mark of its authenticity.

· Look for glue: Most of the fake makers glue the label of Pashmina on the surface. However,
the original texture will not hold the glue and eventually it will come up. The real Pashmina has a
stitched label on it.

· Do a rub test: The rub taste is one of the authentic ways to identify original Pashmina. It may seem
odd to you but to understand whether it is animal fiber or not. If it has polyester or acrylic material,
then it will hold static electricity. When you will rub it will produce a little spark. If you find any
spark or sound like that, then you have to keep the shawl on the shelf immediately.


· Burn Test: Though it is not a popular testing method, it is an efficient one. Many people don’t
like to do this because they get scared that it will damage the shawl. But in reality, a single thread
is sufficient to do the test. After the burning of the fiber, if you find a burnt hair like smell, then it
is pure Pashmina for sure.


       Well, we do understand that you would not want to spoil the shawl. But picking up one thread from
the fringes would not harm your shawl or ruin the fabric and is sufficient for the burn test.


             All you have to do is to take the thread and place it on a plate and burn it. Smell the odor of the
burnt fabric and check the ashes carefully with fingertips.


If you get burnt hair smell and the ash turns out to be like a powdery substance, it is likely to
be real pashmina. Pashmina is made from real, natural hair and therefore burning the same should
give burnt hair smell.

Matte is a characteristic of real Pashmina. Though a little sheen is possible in Pashmina shawls,
they mostly carry matte appearance. If there is a lot of sheen on the fabric, you can put the shawl
back to the counter.

. Microscopic tests can also help you test a real Pashmina shawl.

Using transmitted light under a microscope, an authentic Pashmina shawl would show block-shaped
patterns linked close to one another. If the fiber looks like simple shape placed at an extended
distance, then it is certainly not a genuine Pashmina shawl.

. Dimensions are extremely important in Pashmina shawls

The standard dimension for Pashmina shawls is 36/80 inches. Higher the dimensions, steeper
the cost. So, if someone sells a standard or higher dimension Pashmina shawl to you, there are
chances of the product being an unauthentic one. If you come across someone who is selling
Pashmina shawls at far below the market rates, it is too good to be true scenario.

. We don’t like pilling on our clothes

It is quite a nuisance and hence good products should not have pilling. If you believe in this and
are looking for a Pashmina product that guarantees no-pilling, you are certainly going for a fake
Pashmina shawl. Pilling is a quintessential feature with an animal fiber material like Pashmina.
If there is no pilling on the shawl, then probably what you have in your hand is a synthetic product.

By now you must be thinking it is very difficult to buy a real pashmina shawl.

Not really, we would say. These tests and a little common sense comes extremely handy in finding
a real Pashmina product.

Now that you have all it takes to differentiate a real and fake Pashmina shawl, you have one more
reason to treasure your heart with the snugly embrace of an authentic and pure Pashmina, made by
love, exclusively for you!