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Repairs and Restoration Washing And Care Of Carpets/Rugs

Carpet Fringe and Edge Repair For Handmade and Oriental Rugs


Contrary to popular belief, the fringes and edges of a handmade rug are not for decorative purposes. They are the extensions of the weft (horizontal lines) and warp (vertical lines) that form the rug’s foundation. The weft and warp are made from cotton, wool, silk or even jute, and if pulled, torn or damaged, will unravel the woven pile (knots) of the rug.


Top Four Reasons For Carpet Fringe Repair

  • Improper vacuuming
  • Pets pulling the fringes
  • General foot traffic
  • Improper cleaning or lack of cleaning


Unfortunately, fringes are often the first part of the rug to get torn and damaged. Routine maintenance, as well as being diligent about handling minor repairs, will not only protect the rug, but also prevent further unraveling and more costly repairs. The extent of a rug’s damage, the type of rug it is, and the rug’s foundation fiber will determine how much repair work is required for the rug’s fringe. Securing the fringes with proper overcast stitches, implanting new fringes, re-weaving rows of damaged piles (missing nap), and making new fringes are all various options that can bring your rug back to its original condition.


Below are the stages of a rug’s fringe implant process. Keeping the border design intact, fringes were implanted, and secured.



The fringe repair below shows implants added at the knots of the tassels, while secured properly to prevent the original fringes from unraveling.




Below: An unraveled edge is repaired after both the appropriate wool and color match are chosen.




Beware Of Bad Repairs

Rug repair is a craft and learned skill. It also requires rug knowledge and integrity. Yes, integrity.

Most people may not know if the foundation of their rug is cotton, silk or wool. They rely on their rug cleaner to tell them.

Although a majority of handmade rugs have cotton foundations, a small percentage of rugs are wool on wool. Then, there are expensive, natural, 100% silk rugs with silk foundations. We have also seen some art-silk rugs with cotton foundations (made mostly in India and China.) If you have an expensive natural silk rug, you do not want to see the fringes repaired with art-silk. Do you want to deal with someone who will charge you for real silk, and then give you faux silk?

You must be careful to whom you give your business.

Fringe repair cannot be just cosmetic, or a façade hiding the unravelling foundation of a rug. Improper repairs will lead to further issues down the road.

We always recommend a handmade rug be repaired to its original condition. However, fringes can be cumbersome to manage, and costly to implant at times. Remember though, the value of your rug for resale, or insurance purposes may be somewhat compromised by the choices you make.


If your fringe is giving you a headache, there are other alternatives:

  1. – Remove the fringes, secure the ends, and hand weave the edge.
  2. – Tuck/fold the fringes, then cover them with a machine made fringe.
  3. – Secure and shorten the fringes for ease of maintenance.


Ready to Repair Your Carpet Fringe?

If you own an antique rug, a 100% silk rug or a family heirloom, we suggest investing the time and money to restore your rug’s original fringes.

Call us at +91 80 4157 1894 MIRAS CARPET or fill out our contact form here to properly clean and repair the fringes of your handmade rugs.


Carpets & Rugs cleaning, Repairing and restorations services:

We undertake cleaning of all types of Carpets and Rugs, whatever makeup, size, origin or condition. Kashmiri, Persian, Afghani, Turkish, Pakistani etc. Our team is skilled in cleaning Wool, Silk, Wool and Silk blends, cotton and synthetic carpets and Rugs.

We only use top quality detergent based or organic products for our cleaning services. We guarantee the removal of extensive, stubborn build-up of dirt and soil in your carpets and rugs. We use eco-friendly products in our cleaning methods.

You can trust Miras Carpet Industries for all your Carpet and Rug cleaning requirements as we have over 35 years of experience, and offer the most comprehensive Oriental Carpet cleaning and Restoration service in Bangaluru India.

We are specialize in the cleaning of handmade Carpets and Rugs from India, Persia (Iran), Turkey,Pakistan or from any other Tribal region in the world. And these could be new, antique or semi-antique , no matter what kind, we will do the job.

Usually we clean Carpets and Rug in 7 to 10 days time depending on the quantity, sizes, condition and weather. Moreover we do all this at most reasonable and realistic prices.

We are experienced at dealing with the many kinds of problems your carpets may have encountered. To achieve perfect and safe cleaning results, your carpets will be tested for color fastness before we wash them. If your carpet fails the test, and the colors are likely to bleed, then we will use special methods like dry cleaning. Before we start the process we will check to see if there are areas on the carpet that is more soiled, or if there are any stains on the carpet. If so, we pre-treat these areas and inform you about the process.

We are experts at removing stains, using many different special products, but please understand that not all stains can be removed, as they may have permanently changed the colors of the fabric, particularly in Wool Carpets and Rugs.

In general most carpets and rugs go through the following cleaning process:

First, as much dust as possible is removed from the carpets, by putting them through a special carpet duster. Then the carpets are washed by hand, and depending on the type, completely submersed and soaked in water. Depending on material and condition, all carpets are cleaned using different products. The carpets are then rinsed carefully front and back. After this thorough cleaning, the carpets are put through a special roller wringer, which gives them a final rinse and removes as much water as possible, in order to facilitate the drying process. The carpets are then hung to dry in a warehouse drying room.

All the products are work of art and are entirely hand-made handcrafted product of Kashmir, India that has been painstakingly created using the finest handpicked natural fibers and dyes. As you are already are aware that this is indeed a lifetime purchase, nonetheless it is in your hands to ensure that it is certainly so and can thus become a treasured and precious part of your family heirloom that can be cherished for years to come.




 Carpet-Washing-And-Cleaning Carpet-Washing-And-Cleaning-Services Rug-Cleaning-And-Repairs


Step 1.Carpet / Rug Dusting          Step 2. Carpet/Rug Washing         Step 3. Carpet Washing Cleaners        Step 4. Carpet/Rug Repairs


Rug-Fringe-Cleaning Rug-Drying-And-Cleaning Carpet-Rug-Cleaning Silk-Carpet-Miras-Carpet 


 Step 5. Clening Frings                     Step 6. Drying Carpet/ Rug              Step 7. Final Cleaning                        Step 8. Natural Drying



      Step 9. Cleaned Carpet             Step10. Ready To Use      


General Washing & Maintenance Instructions:

  • To be dry-cleaned or steam cleaned or hand washed only.
  • Use only cold or lukewarm water and carpet shampoo for scrubbing with the help of a cotton swab or a sponge.
  • Do not use strong detergents or solutions with concentrated alkaline contents.
  • Avoid drenching the entire carpet and dry the back of the carpet first if and when soaked.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the carpet
  • Please Vacuum or Hoover the carpet along with the pile of the carpet and never against the pile (i.e. only in one direction).
  • As the carpets are Moth proof hence do not use any naphthalene balls or anything similar for storage purposes.

Walk on Your Rug Barefoot

The best way to keep a rug clean and long lasting is to keep it from getting dirty. Removing your outdoor shoes when you enter the house is an easy way to add years to the life of your rug, and to decrease the expense of professional cleanings. Bare foot, clean slipper or sock footed traffic is much kinder to your rug than hard soled or high-heeled shoes. Leaving your outdoor shoes at the entrance to you home tracks in much less dirt.

Having several pairs of clean cotton slippers in different sizes for your guests will encourage visitors to relax and feel at home while protecting your carpets.

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