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Miras Carpet Industries


Miras Carpet Industries is an award winning brand and best Carpet Stores in Bangalore for handmade Carpets, rugs,
Pashmina Shawls , vintage products Of India, where the age-old craft of carpets meets the traditional and contemporary,
designs and forms. Our brand takes the art of carpet creation to a new high. We started this journey of customizing
Rugs & Carpets for Projects, including Luxury Hotels, Lounges, and Palaces & Premium Residences in  Old Airport Road,
Bangalore, India outlet.

We offer not only traditional Persian or custom made Carpets but with our innovative designs we turn silk or wool Yarn into pieces of Art. Our design studio offers a variety of options from uber luxurious carpets that are studded with Swarovski Elements to Hand-Knotted to Hand-woven carpets made in Handspun Bamboo silk that resemble a canvas painting. Designs which seamlessly blend beautiful fibers like Mulberry Cocoon Silk, Banana Silk, Raw Silk, Bamboo Silk and New Zealand wool.

Embellished with Austrian Swarovski crystals to create never seen before handmade pieces which are unique. No longer will the carpet remain a floor piece, our designs & innovations are turning them into embellishments to suit your décor without which no house will be complete

Miras Carpet Industries Carpets & Rugs have adorned some of the best Homes, Villas and Palaces across the world and are also very proud to be a part of some of the Best Hotels, VVIP Lounges, Airports, Government Buildings, Legislative assembly’s etc across the world.

Miras Carpet Industries® is Basically Kashmir Oriented Company and the Factory is located in Lalbazar Srinagar Kashmir which is very Close To Bank Shores Of Nigeen Lake and Opposite to one of the Historic Islamic Shrine “Hazratbal Shrine “ Srinagar  , Located in Central Kashmir, the city of Srinagar created Antique Carpets whose best Pieces are among the most important of the refined city carpets of the “Second Golden Age of Persian Weaving.”  The Miras Carpet® rugs and Carpets of the 19thcentury and turn of the 20th century are the direct legacy of the first Golden Age of Persian Weaving, brought about by the artistic patronage of Great King Himayun, in the 16th and early 17th centuries. “The 18th century saw little if any production, but towards the end of the 19th century weaving was reintroduced to the city by merchants hoping to emulate the success of the newly established Tabriz workshops“(Middleton, Michael, Rugs & Carpets: Techniques, Traditions & Designs. Mitchell Beazley, London, 1996,).

The Miras Carpets® and rugs are extremely Tightly knotted formal, richly continental and definitively complement a traditional decor. “The quality of Miras Carpets weaving’s is high, and sometimes exquisite rugs were made. Rugs and Carpets were closely woven using a cotton foundation with a Persian knot. The thin double weft is often a pale blue color and the wool is incredibly soft and lustrous…By the early 1900s the weavers of Miras Carpet Industries® had mastered the curvilinear designs that are now recognized as typical of Miras Carpet weaving

For example, the resplendent turn of the 20th century antique Miras carpet ® to the right features superlative workmanship and incredibly fine knotting. This stunning Miras rug has the distinctive attributes of Budgam, one of the city’s finest workshop, and is in magnificent, full pile condition. Enlivened by lustrous wool, its crisp, lyrical design, faithfully echoing the 16th century Safavid tradition, integrates an astounding amount of detail and myriad hues of color. This creates tremendous fluidity in both the field and border. The traditional brick red and blue palette is interpreted in alluringly soft values of muted brick and a tonal sapphire to azure range.

Beyond the Indian shores, this concern for heritage is sustained by establishing ” Miras Crafts ” an opportunity not only to view and share the Indian heritage from the days gone by but also provide an opportunity to possess an unrivalled range of Carpets, Rugs of matchless excellence, extravagant Pashmina shawls, Cashmere Stoles, Scintillating Silk furnishing, golden and silver gilded artifacts, exquisite reproductions of Islamic art and miniatures. The list is as wide as the diversity on view.

Miras Crafts stands on the strong foundation of highly skilled, dedicated crafts people. Its phenomenal growth can be attributed to these people and discerning tastes of its clients meticulous planning and gratifying results.

Miras Crafts® mission has been to make available to the global visitor an unforgettable taste of the refined and culturally rich heritage of India. A unique organization that celebrates and nurtures the creativity of man, developed over millennia. At the centre of MCI’s Business Model are a hundred thousand craftsmen and their families who are guided, supervised and supported by infrastructure on a massive scale.

The Journey of Miras Crafts so far has been truly inspirational led by our founders  Mr. MIR NAWAZ and Mr.MIR WASEEM. Boasting of an enviable dedicated clientele spread across the globe. Our Exclusive Showrooms are located in Bangalore / Mumbai / Delhi and Kashmir India, offering our customers an unmatched experience of exploring the Finest Kashmir Arts and Crafts to choose from.

We adhere to stringent quality control norms at every stage of our processes to ensure the production of only flawless items. Only the best grades of yarns, fabrics, silk and other raw materials are employed in these process, which are sourced from authentic vendors of the market.

Every task is executed under the strict supervision of experienced craftsmen having extensive expertise in their respective discipline. Our entire collection is in tune with the international trends, focusing on intricate details, contemporary designs and mass appeal.

Our Mission We are a prominent manufacturer, exporter, Dealers and supplier of premium quality handmade Carpets , rugs , shawls, home furnishings and handcrafted items. Our wide assortment of products includes Carpets and rugs , Kashmiri shawls, scarves, Pashmina shawls, stoles, jamawar shawls, mufflers, Indian Handicarfts Articles, home accents, Jewellery etc.

Our products reflect the modern sensibility with meticulous craftsmanship and vintage appeal. The rich revival of traditional aesthetics and treasured heirloom in our Pashmina and jamawar collection, go well with the global fashion trends. Our shawls are not only stylish but also suit a wide variety of outfits, displaying elegance and beauty at the same time.
Miras Crafts is best place to buy Kashmiri Shawls and Pashmina scarfs store in Bangalore.  where you can get the variety of authentic pashmina shawls and kashmiri scarfs always on reasonable prices.

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