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Our response to COVID-19


Saturday, March 21, 2020

News and actions concerning the COVID-19 pandemic are in a constant state of flux and uncertainty. Miras Carpet Industries
and Miras Crafts Bangalore family remains committed to keeping you updated on how we are supporting our customers and
communities while we navigate this challenging time.

Following the advice of Public Health Agencies, the  Government Of India announced last night that non-essential businesses
such as ours, are to close by 11:59 pm March 24, 2020. Here is the complete list of essential workplaces that can stay open.

To be fully compliant with the government’s new mandate, we have temporarily closed our Miras Crafs and
Miras Carpet Industries locations in the Bangalore- India, including our warehouse, service, import & exports and home delivery
operations. We are reaching out to reschedule all service calls and export deliveries, including pick-ups. Your orders continue to
be processed, and your home furnishings will remain safe in our secure, climate-controlled facilities free of charge.

We will continue to monitor phone messages and emails at [email protected] We appreciate your patience as we process
your inquiries, and you can expect to hear from us within 24-hours.

We have been dedicated to helping people in our communities live life comfortably by transforming their houses into unique homes.
As we remain indoors to do our part in fighting the spread of COVID-19, may your home stay safe and comfortable with brilliant
moments of connecting with loved ones if only through a windowpane or video.

One thing that holds true in times like these is that humanity helps. Our responsibilities extend beyond our doors, and we are
ultimately going to get through this by helping our neighbours and strangers alike.

We will keep you updated as the situation continues to evolve. On behalf of all of us at the Miras Crafts and Miras Carpet Industries
Family locations in Bangalore- India, our thoughts are with you, those who are affected and those needed at work and on the front lines.

Sincerest regards,

Mir Nawaz
Miras Carpet Industries/Bangalore

Karnataka-Benagaluru, April-29, 2020.

  Miras Carpet Industries & Mirascrafts Sale and Service manufacturing plant in Bangalore India is Temporarily closed at least until May 3rd 2020.
“The decision for a temporary closure is to ensure the well-being of its employees and their families, its customers and the communities where it
operates,” according to a March 29 statement from its corporate office in Bangalore, India. Also, customers may still place orders online at .

The item(s) will be delivered when operations resume. Miras Crafts #COVID19 ACTION PLAN Temporary closure of its Indian manufacturing
facilities, effective immediately, to be re-evaluated on May 3rd, 2020 Temporary closure of all company-owned Miras Crafts Furniture Galleries®
@MirasCraftsBlr Which includes Miras Carpet stores and is in process, Temporary closure of its Regional Distribution
Centers once in-process orders are delivered. “While the decisions made were extremely difficult and we deeply regret the impact they will have on
those affected and their families, they are deemed necessary as we face one of the most challenging periods in our history,” said Miras Carpets Chairman,
President and Chief Executive Officer #MirNawaz . “Moving forward, with a strong financial foundation, the powerful Miras Crafts brand, and our
dedicated and hard-working people, I am confident the company will weather this storm. Although the path forward will likely be complex and
unpredictable, we expect to return to full operations when the crisis lifts, and once we get the orders from state Govt. #MirWaseem said.

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